Assistive technology for learning disabilities, ADHD, executive functioning, and more

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UC Santa Cruz - Silicon Valley Extension now offers a 3-unit online course titled “Assistive Technology for Learning Differences”.  It’s part of UCSC Extension's Educational Therapy Certificate Program. You do not need to apply for admission to take UCSC Extension courses, and because it's online, you don't need to live in Silicon Valley.

        Next course begins January 13, 2022 (see Schedule for details)

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I've been asked several questions about the course (which I nicknamed "AT4LD"), so I summarized the most-requested information in this standalone website separate from my own ( or the Extension's (

Course is Designed for Educational Therapists, Learning Specialists, Teachers, and Parents

My focus with AT4LD is technology for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, executive functioning deficits, and issues with processing information and memory.  Roughly one in five students in the U.S. has brain-based learning difficulties that interfere with reading, writing, math, organization, focus, listening comprehension, and/or motor skills. However, less than half of these 1-in-5 students are formally identified with Specific Learning Disabilities or attention issues and receive accommodations or services (IEPs, 504 plans). The others often struggle, may be mislabeled (lazy, unmotivated), and may develop secondary issues as a result (anxiety, depression, social problems, resistance to school).

The course is designed around the needs of Educational Therapists – highly-trained education professionals skilled in academic assessment, instructional intervention, and program planning for children and adults with learning challenges, typically working with clients one-on-one or in small group settings. For more about the Educational Therapy profession, please visit:

Association of Educational Therapists (AET) website:
AET Mission Statement:

AT4LD is also designed to assist teachers, learning specialists, other education professionals, and parents – in essence, anyone who teaches, works with, or supports the 1-in-5 students with brain-based learning difficulties, and who wants guidance on how to help these students with technology.

This is a beginner to intermediate level course, appropriate for those looking to add assistive technology to their practice or their skill set, and those familiar with AT who want to delve into the nuts-and-bolts of creating effective solutions.

Self-paced online course with supplemental "live" weekly Zoom sessions

Instruction for AT4LD is primarily online and asynchronous (self-paced) – comprehensive reading material with diagrams, videos, photos, tables, and links to additional web-based resources, plus self-guided hands-on activities.  Live Zoom sessions of up to 90 minutes supplement the online instruction with class discussion, technology assistance, and other interactive learning.  All instruction is delivered through Canvas, UCSC Extension's Online Classroom platform.  Most Zoom sessions can be attended live or viewed later as a recording.

About UCSC Extension

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UCSC Extension, the leading workforce educator in Silicon Valley, is the only accredited institution in the area to offer University of California-quality courses designed by experienced instructors who are actually working in their field. We serve:

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If you have questions about course registration, the Educational Therapy Certificate Program, or UCSC Extension in general, please contact a student services representative at 408-861-3860 or  You can also submit an Inquiry Form on the bottom of this webpage:

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